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89 Gloucester Road,
Bristol BS7 8AS

Tel: 0117 944 6810

Health Shop : open - Monday - Saturday - 9.00am - 5.30pm.

We stock a large variety of Fair Trade Products and organic food; also Vitamins and other Health Products; and environmentally Friendly Products such as Ecover and its refill station.

Our main suppliers are Suma, Tree of Life and Health Store.

We stock the whole Suma brand eg: dried fruit, pulses, nut, soups, herbs etc.

We also stock large ranges of teas (more than 300 different teas) these include:

Pukka herbal teas + Twinings + Clippler + Dr Stuarts
Che mate + Café / tea direct + Equal exchange + Yogi tea
Just to mention some of the brands we stock

Also we stock the complete brand of Weleda homeopathic remedies, Body care, hair care, and all the range for children and men.

We stock the whole range of Ecover products and also provide a refill station for the Ecover products.

And for those with a sweet heart we stock a large selection of chocolates including Green and Black, Montezuma, Booja Booja, and for those with not such a sweet heart we stock a large selection of snacks and healthy snack bars.

As we care for every one we also stock a large range of dietarian products including pasta, flour, breads, cereals and many other products.

In our shop you will find also the whole range of Doves and Marriages flours, the whole collection of Nairs, Kallo, Pattersons, and Duchy biscuits.

.......and many more products.